V8 + Energy


This is a repacking project for V8 Energy Drink. I thought the original packaging was very outdated and could use a new twist on the packaging. I decided to put the new packaging in a biodegradable juice box container, this would give the product a fun, new look while showing that the brand cares about the environment. As far as the design goes, I took images of fruit that correspond with the flavors then I stretched a row of pixels from the images to create a cool pattern.  I decided  to wrap the pattern around the top of the container and make it form into a cyclone type of shape on the back side of the container. I thought this brought some interest to the flavor and would draw the viewer to the product, while conveying energy and movement. Lastly, I added some illustrations of lightning bolts and other shapes to help convey the message that this is an energy drink. I decided to make the background color different on every flavor to  show that there is a lot of variety throughout the line of drinks.